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100 herramientas de caculo en Audio

10 junio, 2010

Audio calculations por Electrónica Pascual.

En la web del ingeniero de sonido  Eberhard Senqpiel.

Podemos encontrar  100 herramientas para el cálculo sobre el audio, acústica y técnicas de grabación.

Hay herramientas de todo tipo, a modo de ejemplo:

Microphone sensitivity conversion – transfer factor prefixes | length | area | volume | weight | pressure | temperature | time |
energy | power | density | velocity | acceleration | force
Conversion: Sound level SPL, pressure, pascal, and intensity Weight conversion milligram to kilogram and liter
Ohm’s law of acoustics (acoustic equivalent) Volume conversion milliliter to liter and kilogram
Sound quantities, their levels and references – Calculations Time conversion millisecond and second
Conversion of level dBu and dBV to volt and vice versa Length conversion millimeter and meter
The decibel calculator (dB) – A valuable tool Calculation of body length and height (size) foot-inch
Conversion of voltage V to dBu, dBV, and dBm – dBm calculator Conversion: Prefixes Conversion: Temperature
Table of sound pressure levels – decibel – sound pressure intensity Conversion: Length Conversion: Time
Time constant and cut-off frequency Conversion: Area Conversion: Energy
Conversion: Frequency to wavelength and vice versa Conversion: Volume Conversion: Power
Conversion: Distortion attenuation dB to THD factor in percent Conversion: Weight-Mass Conversion: Density
Calculation of the center frequency – geometric mean Conversion: Pressure Conversion: Acceleration
Thermal noise calculation Johnson noise Conversion: Force Conversion: Velocity-Speed
Calculation: Electrical voltage, current, resistance, and power Calculate unloaded voltage divider
Conversion of Bel to Decibel and more … Decibel (dB) to percentage (%) converter
dB calculation of gain and loss – amplification and damping Is this a prime number?
Calculation: Reverb time RT60 after Sabine Calculate logarithms
Calculation: Speed of sound in humid air Unit Conversion Table
Conversion: Time difference and sound path distance Alphabetical list of conversion factors
Calculation: Period, cycle duration, periodic time to frequency Radians to degrees conversion and back
Conversion Bandwidth per octaves to Q factor and vice versa SI derived units
Q Factor and center frequency – Find the −3 dB cutoff frequencies Quadratic Equation Solver
Calculation: Wavelength in air and the temperature Time Addition Calculator
Calculate dB as voltage sum and phase, and power sum BPM – Beats per minute – counter and calculator

Pero hay muchas más . . . . . . .
Os recomendamos que visitéis su pagina web [ Link ]

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